Bath Bombs

As a busy mother and wife it can be hard to make time for yourself. It’s also hard to spend money on ourselves because we can think of a million other things that money could be going towards. For me, I am never satisfied with nail salon pedicures. The water is never hot enough, I feel rushed and I can’t relax.  I have much better result and have a better experience when I do them at home myself. Plus its cheap! This bath bomb recipe has become and extra special treat for my at home pedicure routine. I have a plain ole plastic tub I bought from the dollar store (similar to this)that’s just large enough for my feet. Fill the tub with water at whatever temp you like, find a comfortable seat (I love doing this outside on my back porch, early in the morning, when its nice out. So relaxing!), toss in your feet and a bath bomb and let the aroma take you away! You can add whatever essential oils you’d like but lavender and eucalyptus are my favorite! The last batch I made I added dried lavender from my grandmothers garden, just to give it something special.


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